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Monday, 11 March 2024

The City of Mandurah is gearing up to tackle food waste in the community with the introduction of the Food for Thought – Be a GREAT Sort program.

With approximately 30% of kerbside general waste bins made up of food waste (reaching up to 60% when including garden waste), the City recognises the significant environmental impact of organic waste sent to landfill and aims to empower residents to adopt more sustainable waste behaviours.

To support our community to reduce the waste we produce and make the most of our food in a fun and delicious way, the City has developed a comprehensive set of expert-led workshops covering various aspects of waste reduction. These include menu planning, pickling, preserving, cooking with leftovers, and composting techniques like bokashi bins and worm farming.

As part of the initiative, some workshops will provide free tools such as compost caddies and cubes to support residents in their waste reduction efforts at home. The workshops cater to all experience levels, from beginners to seasoned green thumbs and waste warriors.

Residents are urged to sign up for the workshops to learn practical strategies, but those unable to attend can join the free Grow It Local program - an online community connecting local backyard growers to share knowledge, expertise, and produce. Participants also gain access to online tutorials from experts in the field.

Supporting the community to avoid unnecessary consumption and waste production, recover resources from the waste stream, and ensure all waste is disposed of responsibly are key focuses of the City’s Waste Education Plan (2022-2025). This plan guides city-wide collaborative efforts to meet Mandurah’s strategic waste targets. 

Working together, we can reduce our environmental footprint and create a beautiful, clean, and sustainable environment for all.

Workshop Details:

Pickling and Preserving – March 21
Neighbourhood Food Resilience – March 24
Urban Composting – April 6
Worm Farming – April 27
Garden Composting – April 27
Cooking with Leftovers – May 7
The Less Waste Kitchen – May 14
Growing from Scraps – May 21

This project is supported by the Government of Western Australia and the Waste Authority

Be a GREAT Sort and sign up to make every day a Stop Food Waste Day!