Access to Information

The Freedom of Information Act 1992 (the ‘Act’) gives every person the right to seek access to information held by the City of Mandurah. We aim to make information readily available at the least possible cost.

Requesting Information

Before requesting information, call and speak to one of our Freedom of Information Coordinators to see if the information is available outside the Act. If the information isn’t available outside the Act, the coordinator will explain the process and help you in lodging your application.

Submitting Your Request and Costs Involved

An application for information must be submitted in writing and include an Australian address where notices can be sent. The application must also be accompanied by payment of the $30 application fee.

Once the application is assessed, there may be additional charges:

  • Charges for dealing with the application are set at a standard rate of $30.00 per hour, or pro-rata for part of an hour
  • Additional charges for photocopying are $30.00 per hour of staff time and 20 cents per copy
  • Actual costs will be charged for postage

If at any point the charges are likely to exceed $25.00, your permission to continue with the application will be sought before the commencement of processing the application.

There is no application fee or charges associated with requests to your personal information and or amendment of your records.

Scope of Application

The coordinator will describe the kinds of documents and records kept to help you narrow the scope of your application. You will need to provide enough information about the documents to assist us to process your request. The more specific an application is, the quicker the process. We reserve the right to reject unreasonable applications.

How long will it take?

On receipt of a valid application, the City must complete your application within 45 calendar days, however, the timeframe may be extended by agreement. We aim to provide the information within the shortest possible time.

Contact Details

Should you have any questions about the FOI process or the Information Statement, please contact the Freedom of Information Coordinator on (08) 9550 3777 or by email at

Information sheets

Freedom of Information Application Form (PDF - 180.8KB)
Download PDF
Information Statement 2020-2021 (PDF - 533.8KB)
Download PDF