A Changing Place is a secure and clean bathroom specifically designed for people who need space and assistance to manage their bathroom needs while in the community and for whom universal access toilets are not suitable.

Information on Changing Places

Access to Changing Places facilities requires a Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK) to ensure they are available for people who need them. Loan keys are not provided in Mandurah.

Mandurah Visitors Centre

  • 24-hour access with own MLAK key
  • MLAK Key: YES
  • Shower: YES
  • Contact: City of Mandurah (08) 9550 3777
  • 75 Mandurah Terrace, behind the Visitors Centre.

Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre (MARC)

  • Open during centre operating hours
  • MLAK Key:NO
  • Shower: YES
  • Contact: City of Mandurah (08) 9550 3600
  • 303 Pinjarra Road

Mandurah Forum Shopping Centre

  • Open during Centre operating hours.
  • MLAK Key: YES
  • Shower: YES
  • Contact the Customer Service Desk on (08) 9535 5522 or info@mandurahforum.com.au
  • Address: Mandurah Forum, 330 Pinjarra Road (near the Food Court)

Mandurah's Eastern Foreshore

  • 24-hour access with own MLAK key
  • MLAK Key: YES
  • Shower: YES
  • Contact: City of Mandurah (08) 9550 3777
  • Mandurah's Eastern Foreshore, next to the parking area near the Tuckey Street roundabout



To access the Changing Places facilities provided by the City of Mandurah, people need a Master Locksmiths Access Key. The City doesn't offer a loan key option, so people are encouraged to apply for or purchase their own key. Wheelchair accessible toilets are still available where Changing Places facilities are located and can be accessed without a key.

For WA Companion Card holders, MLAK keys are currently free for a limited time. To apply, email wacompanioncard@nds.org.au with your full name, date of birth, and current postal address, or call 1800 617 337.

MLAK keys can also be ordered from the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia Ltd. They are available for purchase by individuals with disabilities, family members, support workers, and disability organisations. For more information and to complete the online MLAK order form, visit the Master Locksmiths website at http://masterlocksmiths.com.au/mlak/

This Changing Place contains the following equipment:

  • A Prism Medical C450M Hoist with a constant charge system - the hoist crossbar is compatible with loop style slings
  • Adult sized, height adjustable Astor Bannerman CTE Nivano Change Table - this table is waterproof and suitable for showering

Written instructions for using the hoist

Written instructions for using the change table


Slings (disposable or otherwise) are not provided in Changing Places. If you are unsure about your sling’s compatibility with the hoist provided in this Changing Place, please contact the supplier on 1300 789 420,  manufacturer or prescribing therapist, or call the Independent Living Centres Advisory Service on 1300 885 886 for advice.

The Mandurah Changing Place forms part of a statewide network. Other Changing Places across WA can be located on the National Public Toilet Map or the Changing Places Australia Toilet Map. You can use either of these maps to plan your journey.

Information on the Changing Places network
This video shows the key features of a Changing Places facility including sling use and how to access the facility with an Master Locksmiths Access Key(MLAK).
Video on how to use Changing Places