We are committed to ensuring people of all ages and abilities can access Mandurah’s beautiful beaches, bush tracks and walkways, playgrounds and events.

Services and facilities

The Riverside Gardens All Abilities Paddle Launch facility offers an accessible option for people with a mobility disability to enjoy the Serpentine River in a canoe or kayak. The facility provides a large floating platform with contrasting colours, kick plates, grab rails and ramp access. There is a specially designed step seating option for people to transition from a seated position into a watercraft whilst using the grab handles for support. Two custom slipways ensure a safe entry and exit into the Serpentine River for all paddlers.

Located at Riverside Gardens Foreshore on Redcliffe Road in Greenfields, it has two ACROD bays, an accessible toilet, connected pathways, shaded seating and a wheelchair-accessible BBQ, making it an inclusive and enjoyable spot by the water.

Video about how to use the All Abilities Paddle Launch

All Abilities Paddle Launch Social Story™

Residents who are unable to physically move their bins to and from the kerbside due to a disability or illness can apply for a gopher or assisted bin collection service.

Once approved, the driver of the collection vehicle will collect the bins from an agreed location on the resident’s property, wheel the bins out to the truck for collection and return the bins to the original location. The assisted service is provided at no additional cost to residents.

The resident must make written application to the City for an Assisted Bin Collection service (gopher service) and include a letter of support from their medical professional.

For more information and/or to lodge your request for this service please contact the Waste Management Team at the City on 9550 3777 or by email council@mandurah.wa.gov.au. You may also lodge your request in person at 3 Peel Street in Mandurah or by mail to City of Mandurah, PO Box 210, Mandurah 6210

More information about bin collection services

To discover the facilities offered at different beaches across Mandurah, click the 'Mandurah Accessible Beach Guide' button below. This guide aims to empower people with disability to plan their visits to the beach and make informed decisions about accessible beach options in Mandurah.

Mandurah Accessible Beach Guide

To support successful planning for a visit to the beach in Mandurah you can read and download a Social Story™ about the experience by clicking the button below. Or, you may select to watch a short video story about visiting the beach in Mandurah.

View Beach Access Video Social Story

Beach Access Social Story

The City of Mandurah supports Bins4Blokes, a national campaign promoting the installation of incontinence bins in male public toilets. For more information call 1800 330 0666 or visit www.bins4blokes.org.au.

Locations of male incontinence bins around Mandurah:

  • Eastern Foreshore, Mandurah Terrace
  • Western Foreshore, Halls Head
  • Seniors and Community Centre, Orsmby Terrace, Mandurah
  • Mandurah Ocean Marina, Fathom Turn, Mandurah
  • Mewburn Centre, Sholl Street, Mandurah
  • Mandurah Visitors Centre, Mandurah Boardwalk
  • Halls Head Foreshore, Halls Head Parade, Halls Head
  • Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre (MARC), Pinjarra Road, Mandurah
  • Billy Dower Youth Centre
  • Bortolo Pavilion 
  • Coodanup Community Centre
  • Halls Head Sporting Facility
  • Rushton Park North Pavilion
  • Thomas Street Pavilion

A Changing Place is a secure and clean bathroom specifically designed for people who need space and assistance to manage their bathroom needs while in the community and for whom universal access toilets are not suitable.

Learn more about Changing Places

Communication boards use symbols and illustrations to help people with limited language skills to express themselves and communicate with other people. 

Lots of people find it hard to communicate. These communication/chat boards can help people who find it hard to speak and/or hard to understand speech. 

To use a communication board, point to the pictures of the words or messages you want to say. If you can, talk or sign at the same time. 

Tips on how to use a communication board: 

  1. Point to symbols to convey messages 
  2. Point and talk at the same time
  3. Talk in full sentences but only point to the key words
  4. Use communication boards for a variety of reasons like asking questions and making comments

Here is a video about how to use a communication board, courtesy of the Mornington Peninsula Shire. 

The City of Mandurah have created some communication boards that can be used around the centre. Digital versions of the communication boards are: 

All Kids are Welcome at the MARC

Snack and Chat at the MARC

Swim and Chat at the MARC

Welcome to the MARC

Welcome to the MARC Cafe 

Welcome to the MARC Changing Place

Welcome to the MARC Creche

Welcome to the MARC Gym

Contact us to discuss your specific needs

A Liberty Swing is designed for people who use wheelchairs, to experience the fun of being on a swing.

Operated with a Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK), available through the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia Ltd. An MLAK also provides access to Changing Places facilities. Companion Card holders receive a free MLAK. If you are not a card holder, you may still be eligible. Contact the National Disability Services to enquire. 

E: changingplaces@nds.org.au
P: 1800 617 337

View the video about how to operate the Liberty Swing, courtesy of the City of Greater Dandenong.

The City interprets an accessible and inclusive community as one in which all functions, facilities and services are accessible to people with disability, providing them with the same opportunities as other people in the community.

With this in mind, the City of Mandurah Recreation Centres ensured that the redevelopment of the aquatic facilities allowed for accessibility features, such as:

  • Ramp access to all pools
  • Adult change facilities with hoist
  • A number of accessible change rooms
  • Spa with hoist
  • Water wheel chairs
  • Pool walking lanes with hand rails

We also provide specialised programs and welcome you to contact us to discuss which programs are available.

General Accessibility

  • Ample accessible parking
  • Drop off and Pick up Area
  • Standard accessible toilets throughout
  • Wheelchair seating allowances in the stadium courts
  • Companion Card - people with disability can bring a Carer along at no charge if they have a current companion card. This must be presented on each visit.

City of Mandurah MARC Accessibility Brochure

Accessible Word version - MARC Accessibility Brochure

Communication boards for the MARC available under the ‘Communication boards’ tab.


The centre has an Adult accessible change room, with adjustable hand basin, hoist and wash down bed. 

We offer 4 x Wet wheelchairs and ramps to all pool, and a portable hoist for all pools and spa

Social Story: A Swim at the MARC

Assistance Dogs

We accept Assistant Dogs to all areas of the Centre.  

Assistant Dogs must have their identification vest on. 

For access to the pools, please see the Aquatics Management Team for the health and well-being of your dog.

Gym Facilities

At the MARC, we have a fully accessible gym with

  • 2 Dual Pulley machines
  • Omni 8 Station rig
  • Wheel chair accessible Chest press, Shoulder press and low row
  • Arm Cycle
  • Group fitness classes that can be modified to suit the needs of the individual please check class descriptions for more information
  • Personal Training options are available.
  • Morning and evening Aqua classes with a range of times and intensity to meet all needs with ramp access to all three pools and the use of a water wheel chair for your convenience.

Swim Lessons

We cater for all abilities with our lessons. We are able to modify our class numbers should a student wish to participate in a group lesson and is able to do all the skills.
Our swim teachers also provide private one -to -one swimming lessons. We can arrange to do these when the pool is quieter if needed. Students can enter using the hoist, ramp or side of the pool.
All teachers have access and inclusion qualifications. We are able to adapt the stroke to teach survival skills no matter what the ability of the swimmer.

Social Story: A Swimming Lesson at the MARC

Sports and Activities

We aim to provide quality Children’s activities for all, including Children from a variety of different backgrounds and abilities, as well as those who may need additional support. 
Feel free to speak to any of our instructor’s about your child’s progress and needs.

We ask to be advised prior to your child’s class if your child has any medical or learning needs that we may need to be aware of. 

Social Story: Children's Programs at the MARC

Sporting Interactive Events

The MARC often holds different events at the Centre where all abilities are welcome to participate. 
Past events include Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby and Water polo.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs

A Mobility Scooter Recharge Station is a designated area equipped with a General Purpose Outlet (GPO), allowing people to recharge their mobility scooters. There are four of these stations conveniently located around the Mandurah central area. The stations enable residents and visitors to recharge their devices while out and about, ensuring they can continue their activities without worrying about battery power. The stations are situated at the following locations:

  • One (1) at the Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre (MARC), externally located next to the front doors.
  • One (1) the southern end of the Eastern Foreshore.
  • Two (2) at the Mandurah Seniors and Community Centre, externally located during business hours.
  • Two (2) at the Mandurah Forum Shopping Centre.

Please note that power cords are not supplied; users must bring their own.

The City has a diverse range of beautiful parks, stunning foreshore areas and natural reserves to explore.

To access reviews of local parks, and to share your own experiences, download Spinal Life’s Accessible Australia mobile app or visit https://www.accessibleaustralia.com.au/

Communications Board

Communication Boards use symbols and illustrations to help people with limited language skills to express themselves and communicate with other people. 

To use a communication board, point to the pictures of the words or messages you want to say. If you can, talk or sign at the same time. 

The City of Mandurah have created communication boards that can be used at the Koolaanga Waabiny (Western Foreshore) Playground and various parks and reserves in Mandurah.  Digital versions of the communication boards are:

Chat and Play at Koolaanga Waabiny Playground - Communication Board (Western Foreshore)
Coodanup Foreshore - Communication Board
Snack and Chat - Communication Board
Kangaroo Paw Park - Communication Board

Social Stories

A Social Story™ is a document designed to explain new experiences and environments to people who are autistic or have sensory sensitivities. It can also be helpful for anyone who experiences anxiety or nervousness when attending a place or event for the first time. The City is currently in the process of creating a series of Social Stories™ for local parks. These stories are designed to support people in preparing for their visits to these outdoor spaces.

Kangaroo Paw Park
Western Foreshore

Mandurah Play Trail

Discover the Mandurah Play Trail. Get ready for an exciting adventure as we explore some of the most scenic spots that Mandurah has to offer. Designed to be completed over multiple visits, this Mandurah Play Trail includes eight of our favourite locations for kids and families of all abilities! The best part? They can be done in any order.

Mandurah Play Trail Map Audio Described

To discover a selection of accessible parks in Mandurah click on the ‘Find Accessible Parks’ button.

Find Accessible Parks

Mandurah's Western Foreshore Playground Video  

This video showcases the accessible facilities at Mandurah's Western Foreshore, empowering everyone to plan ahead and enjoy their visit with confidence

The National Toilet Map displays toilets on an interactive map according to your location or preferences with the best match at the top of the list. Use the Find tab to search locations and to change preferences. Alternatively, if you would like a view a list of public toilets, please visit the Public Toilets page.

View the National Toilet Map of public toilets

The Universal Access Map displays Central Mandurah’s bus routes, ACROD parking and accessible toilets.

View the universal access map