Swim School

Great news! Swim school is back!

 Swim School Enquiry

We believe that learning to swim and survive in an aquatic environment is an important life skill for every person.

Whether it's lessons for yourself or your children, we have a wide range of stages to suit all skill and age levels.

What makes us different?

  • Free to stay and play before or after your lesson
  • Perfect indoors and outdoors teaching pools of various depths and lengths
  • Trusted and well established
  • Creche facilities available onsite
  • Cafe available - relax with a freshly made coffee while watching the kids or stay for a bite to eat after the lessons
Book Online now. Click below to view the Class Schedule or follow the below links for more information. 
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Learn more about our swimming lessons

Babies and Toddlers (Image of two of our swim school instructors with a group of parents holding their babies and toddlers in their arms in our pool, in the middle of the group is a colourful floating ring holding lots of colourful balls and toys) Kids (Image of one of our swim school instructors in the pool with two kids that are about 4 years old, the little girl is wearing pink goggles and is laughing, the boy is wearing blue goggles and a blue and green rashie shirt, he's holding a yellow kickboard.) Teens (Image of a female teenager diving into the Mandurah Recreation Centres' 50 metre pool from the diving blocks) Adults (Image of three women diving into the Mandurah Recreation Centres' 50 metre pool from the dicing blocks)


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