The City’s Landscape Services Section is responsible for the planning and design for upgrades to public open space areas including parks, reserves, foreshores, access ways, streetscapes and building surrounds undertaken through the City’s annual capital works program.

Landscape Services is also responsible for the assessment and approval of landscaping associated with proposed subdivision, residential, industrial and commercial developments.

Street and verge information

Trees located on the street verge are only to be pruned or removed by the City or its contractors. Watering of the tree is the responsibility of the owner.

Pruning is periodically undertaken by the City to ensure that trees located under overhead power lines are maintained to meet guidelines in accordance with Western Power requirements and their schedule.

Residents can contact the City to request an inspection or maintenance should they have concerns regarding the health, location or safety of a tree.

Please note: The City is not responsible for the maintenance of new estates. For queries contact the relevant developer.

Request for new trees

Property owners can request a tree to be planted on the verge next to their property by completing our online street tree request form or downloading the street tree request application form, however as tree stocks are limited, supply cannot be guaranteed.

Removal of street trees

The City does not support the removal of healthy, stable and viable trees and will not consider the removal of trees for reasons such as; to reduce leaf litter or to improve or create views. Upon receipt of a request for a tree removal form, City officers will inspect and consider removal in accordance with Councils policy for tree removal.

Street tree pruning

City of Mandurah completes pruning and maintenance on an annual schedule. Contact the City at 9550 3777 for more information on the schedule. 

Submit a request for a street tree

Issues relating to trees on private properties is a matter between adjoining property owners and do not generally involve local Councils. The City of Mandurah will become involved if the tree is a danger to the person or property and the ratepayers concerned have taken all reasonable steps to come to an amicable agreement.

The City has developed an information sheet detailing the recommended procedure for property owners to follow with concerns and issues regarding neighbouring trees, branches or dangerous trees.

View the neighbouring trees information sheet for more information

A verge is the area of land that lies between the road edge and the property boundary. This land is for service utilities, public pathways and future road works.

Maintenance of verges 

It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain the verge adjacent to their property. This will provide a safe environment for pedestrians and other users of the road reserve. 

For further information on maintaining or developing your verge, please refer to our street verge development information sheet.

The City maintain verges in public areas, verges adjacent to reserves and high visibility areas. It is intended that weeds are removed and lawn is mowed twice a year to reduce the risks involved with vision or fire hazards.

Any resident with a chemical sensitivity can register their residence (verge only) as "No Spray" and commit to managing their own weed management on and in front of their properties to help Council reduce its reliance on glyphosate.


Contact us to register as "No Spray"
Residents are able to park sea containers on the verge adjacent to their property providing that they have been given written approval by the Co-ordinator Ranger Services. Approvals are generally given for short periods of time and are only granted after taking into consideration that the sea containers position poses no obstruction to pedestrians, vehicles and utility services.

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Helpful resources

Street tree request application form (PDF - 1.4MB)
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Street Tree Pruning Schedule (PDF - 486.7KB)
Download PDF
Street verge development information (PDF - 2.0MB)
Download PDF
Waterwise verge guide (PDF - 349.9KB)
Download PDF
Tree removal request assessment (PDF - 72.1KB)
Download PDF
Neighbouring Trees Information (PDF - 795.6KB)
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