CASM's annual exhibition program features eight diverse art exhibitions and events including:

  • A wide range of local artist groups
  • Youth artists
  • Solo artists
  • Touring exhibitions
  • City of Mandurah project exhibitions

Each exhibition features:

  • An opening launch
  • A free artist or curator talk.

CASM is committed to supporting emerging and mid-career contemporary and community artists, assisting them to gain valuable industry skills and to progress their career practice.

Current exhibition

24 Sep - 23 Oct 

Artist Response to the Dorothy Newland Library

A lifetime collection of books hiding underlined quotes, tagged images and dog-eared pages continues the legacy of Mandurah artist Dorothy Newland.This intimate exhibition of conceptually driven artworks is inspired by fresh encounters with the Dorothy Newland Library.

Exhibition launch:

Sunday 25 September, 2pm

Artist Talk:

Sunday 2 October at 11:00am
Sunday 9 October at 11:00am
Sunday 16 October at 11:00am
Sunday 23 October at 11:00am

Upcoming exhibition

Tiny Treasures is a treasure trove of exquisite, locally made handcrafted artworks and gifts for that special present to pop under the Christmas tree. There is something to suit everyone with a range of jewellery, ceramics, paintings, textiles, prints, glassware, woodwork and sculpture. 


Saturday, 12 November - Sunday, 18 December 
10am – 4pm

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Previous exhibitions

6 Aug - 4 Sep

Barb Haddy 2022

Barb Haddy’s intense interest in this locale of the Western Coastal Plain and its past and present history both real and imagined, leads this new body of exploratory works on paper and canvas.

Exhibition launch: Sunday 7 Aug, 2pm

Artist Talk: Sun 28 Aug, 2pm 

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18 June - 17 July

Artists: Judy Evans, Lyn Nixon, Jill Fryer, Margot Wiburd, Annette Nykiel.

A thought-provoking investigation on the impact of the collective choices of our modern society. Focusing on the disregarded and discarded, the artists have created a collaborative mixed media exhibition showcasing prints on paper, cloth, ceramics and 3D installation.

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Entries open: Monday 11 April

Exhibition Dates: 30 April - 29 May

Celebrating Mandurah's young artists, Little Masterpieces is a great opportunity for our little creatives to join in the fun of MASTERPIECES 2K22.

CASM will provide a piece of corflute for your little one to create their work of genius on and have it exhibited during our Youth Exhibition. Any medium is welcome, let their imaginations run wild!

Simply visit CASM from Monday 11 April to sign up and collect your corflute.  

30 April - 30 May

Be delighted, challenged and intrigued by the annual Masterpieces art competition and exhibition celebrating the depth of talent of Mandurah’s emerging artists.Look out for practical art workshops leading into the exhibition specifically designed for young creatives.
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18 February - 3 April

A unique opportunity to intimately view a curated selection of Wearable Art and fully appreciate the individual choice of materials, technical skill and imagination that make these garments so extraordinary.

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Tiny Treasures is a treasure trove of exquisite, locally made handcrafted artworks and gifts for that special present to pop under the Christmas tree. There is something to suit everyone with a range of jewellery, ceramics, paintings, textiles, prints, glassware, woodwork and sculpture. 


Saturday, 12 November - Sunday, 18 December 
10am – 4pm

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The eleven-member multi-disciplinary artist collective We Must Get Together Some Time will exhibit a major body of new works in a self-titled multi-venue exhibition in Mandurah (CASM and ManPAC) as part of the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial (IOTA21) from 17 October to 14 November and will lead workshops and cultural events from July to mid-November.
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Ambient: Environmental Art of the Peel Region features conceptually driven artworks that explore the role art plays in raising awareness of environmental issues. It aligns with the Australian Association for Environmental Education Conference to be held in Mandurah during September 2021.
View the Ambient catalogue

Emerging video artists Marijke Loojes, Trebt Oddin, Siera Wiski, Richard Eames and Lee Kennedy explore the curatorial theme ‘Isolation’ in this second edition of the original The Projection Project | Otherworlds 2018.

Videos by Studio Kraze
The Projection Project | Isolation: 
Trailer  |  Exhibition

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‘Transition’ is the unifying theme for this fascinating, eclectic exhibition of 12 very distinctive artists following creative residencies at CASM.  Their artworks reveal a deepening of each artist’s values, core identity and work process, permeated by a true connection with their individual choice of subject matter.
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Mandurah Portrait Group presents Oh Gosh! Is that Me? An exhibition featuring the community of Mandurah captured over the period of 12 months by the group using a variety of techniques and mediums. 
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Tiny Treasures - Christmas Artists' Sale

14 November - 20 December
Various local artists

Divided State

9 October - 1 November
Artist: James Walker

Reflections COVID-19

29 August -27 September
Various artists

Open Studio Collective

3 January - 31 January
Artists: Anthea Fitzhardinge, Noela O'Keefe, Chelsea Turner and Tiny Shops on Wheels.

The Alternative Archive Project

16 February - 17 March
Artists: Katrina Barber, Helen Coleman, Alana Grant, Philomena Hali, Lyn Nixon, Stella Onderwater, Mary Ann Rath, Deidre Robb, Julianne Ryan, Carmel Sayer, James Walker and Jo Wood.

Masterpieces 2K19

29 March - 5 May
Various artists

The Art of People Watching

17 May - 16 June
Artist: Jill Fryer


Open Studio Collective

January 3 - February 1
Artists: Joshua Brew, Alana Grant,Ashley Hay, Noela O'Keefe & Lisa Payton


February 9 - March 4
Artist: Paul Fleetham

The Projection Project

March 16 - April 8
Artist: Roly Skender

Masterpieces 2K18

April 21 - May 13
Artists: Mandurah Youth Art Exhibition

Beyond the Seam

May 26 - June 24
Artists: Helen Coleman, Kate Campbell-Pope, Ruth Halbert, Philomena Hali, Anita Larkin, Aimee Lee, Vicki Mason, Amanda McCavour, Jan Mullen, Caitlin Stewart, Robi Szalay & Martien van Zuilen


June 29 - July 22
Artists: Lyn Nixon, Judy Evans, Dawn Hodgkinson, Gayle Bukey, Bill Rigg, Karl Misarz, Llynne Neil, Jo Woods, Helen Coleman, Deborah Petit & Isabelle Edward Moon

Wearable Art Mandurah

August 3 - September 9
Presented by Act-Belong-Commit

Guess Who?

September 14 - September 16
Artists: Still Life and Portrait Group Mandurah

Windfall: Chemistry of the Dye Pot

October 5 - November 4
Artist: Helen Coleman

Tiny Treasures Christmas Artists' Sale

November 16 - December 19
Artists: Various local artists

Ambiguous Romanticism

February 10 - March 5
Artist: Nigel Laxton


March 17 - April 12
Artists: Renee Barton, Denise Fisher and Carol Nicholson

Masterpieces 2K17

April 28 - May 21
Artists: Mandurah Youth Art Exhibition

Tilting At Windmills

June 9 - July 9
Artist: Denise Brown

Wearable Art Mandurah

August 5 - September 3
Presented by Act-Belong-Commit

Colours of Life

September 8 - October 1
Artist: Hilly Coufreur

Primal Connection

October 13 - November 5
Artist: Trevor Blyth

Tiny Treasures

November 18 - December 20
Artists: Various local artists


CASM Open Studio Collective

January 6 – January 31
Artists: Trev Blyth, Hilly Coufreur, Helen Coleman, Kez Wickham-St George and Trudi Whitcher


February 12 – March 6
Artist: Belinda Joynes


March 18 – April 10
Artists: Michael Bell, Carmel Sayer and Farah Caudwell


April 22 – May 15
Artists: Mandurah Youth Art Exhibition

Cultural Jewels

May 6 – June 25
Artist: Lola Greeno

Common Threads Wearable Arts

June 16 – July 15
Presented by Act-Belong-Commit

Whisper in The Wind and Water

July 15 – August 14
Artist: Corrine Rapley

Beyond Focus

September 9 – September 25
Artist: John Tonkin

Illumine ll

October 14 – November 6
Artist: Katrina Barber

Tiny Treasures

November 19 - December 18
Artists: Various local artists



Eight paths, One Journey

February 6 – March 11
Artists: Nic Montagu and Matt Dragun


April 10 – May 3
Artists: Mandurah Youth Art Competition

Common Threads Wearable Art

May 15– June 17
Presented by Act-Belong-Commit

To Be Continued

June 26 – July 19
Artist: Gloria Kearing

The Sky as a Metaphor

July 31– August 23
Artist: Jennifer Sadler


September 6 –September 27
Artists: Patricia Hines, Sue Briggs and Sue Grey-Smith

IndoChina: A Trail of Inspiration

October 9–November 1
Artist: Vicki Bulliard

Tiny Treasures Christmas Sale

November 28-December 20
Artists: Various local artists