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  • Functional training rig classes on the outrace
  • Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Zen Yoga classes
  • Boxing classes 

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View our group fitness timetable and opening hours for the upcoming long weekend;

WA Day long weekend group fitness timetable



As there have been no new local cases of COVID-19 in the community, current mask restrictions will be eased at 12.01am Saturday 8 May 2021. 

From Saturday 8 May, the following will apply: 

  • From Saturday 8 May 12.01am, customers will no longer need to wear masks whilst visiting the MARC.  This includes MARC gym, group fitness classes or during sports (including netball, futsal and squash).
  • All customers will be required to continue to check in to the centre using the Safe WA App.
  • MARC Wellness Centre (spa and sauna) will re-open to members. 
  • MARC and Halls Head Rec Centre sports competitions will resume (including netball, futsal and Man vs Fat) from Monday 10 May.

Please note that masks must still be worn when in the MARC at all times except when in the pool until 12.01am Saturday 8 May. If you are coming to the centre Thursday and Friday, you must wear a mask.

As further announcements are made this week, this will be communicated to all customers. 

We are following guidelines from the WA Government and WA Health Department and will update you when we have more information. 
Thank you for your patience and cooperation at this time. Please visit the Healthy WA website for more information regarding the developing COVID-19 situation.

From Tuesday 27 April 2021, significant roadworks will begin on Pinjarra Road between Anstruther Road and Dower Street/Coolibah Avenue.

Entry to the MARC from Pinjarra Road will be closed. 

Detours will be set up at the traffic light intersections on Anstruther Road and Coolibah Avenue to direct traffic to the MARC via Adana street and Cemetery Road. 

These significant roadworks will be in effect until August 2021.

Are you new to the MARC or have you been a member for a while and not sure where to begin on your fitness journey? We have made it easy! We have created 2 fitness plans to help get you started and give you some direction. View the guides below and see which one is best for you.

Our Smart Start Plan will guide you on which group fitness classes to take depending on intensity wanted and our 12 week full body workout guide gives you step by step workouts to do by yourself on our gym floor. 

Need some help or want to talk to one of our trainers? Give us a call or come and see our friendly team. 

MARC 12 week smart start plan

MARC 12 week full body workout guide



Group fitness

Group fitness timetables may be affected by Public Holidays, please check which classes are available on Public Holidays by checking our Opening Hours or calling us on (08) 9550 3600.  
Download the current group fitness timetable now


A low impact class protecting your joints whilst gently keeping them mobile, strengthened and flexible in the comfort of water.

Duration - 40 minutes
Intensity - low
Workout type - Strength and cardio


Tone and shape your body with a focus on improving your cardiovascular system. Using resistance equipment to assist with toning and tightening the thighs, glutes and arms.

Duration - 55 minutes
Intensity - medium
Workout type - Strength and cardio


Low to moderate level workout using the resistance of water and specialised equipment to get you fit.

Duration - 45 minutes
Intensity - medium
Workout type - Strength and cardio


Deep water fitness to improve cardiovascular stamina, strengthen your core and tone your muscles. (Class uses a buoyancy belt)

Duration - 45 minutes
Intensity - high
Workout type - Strength and cardio


A low intensity workout focused on toning and strengthening your abs, butt and thighs.

Duration - 30 minutes at Mandurah, 45 minutes at Hall Head
Intensity - medium
Workout type - strength


A combination of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates.Great for flexibility, posture and relaxation.

Duration - 60 minutes at Mandurah
Intensity - low
Workout type -relaxation


A non-impact class designed to give you a complete workout using barbells and weights to music.

Duration - 30, 45 or 60
Intensity - medium
Workout type - strength


The traditional step class pre choreographed to create a high energy cardio blast.

Duration - 45 or 60 minutes
Intensity - medium
Workout type - strength and cardio


A low to moderate cardio and weights exercise class set to music improving strength and balance.

Duration - 60 minutes
Intensity - low
Workout type - strength and cardio


Be led through a circuit style class combining strength, cardio and plyometric moves.

Chi Flow

A slow movement exercise class to improve balance, general physiological and psychological health and longevity.

Duration - 60 minutes
Intensity - low
Workout type - relaxation


Heartfit is a low to moderate circuit style class designed for older adults but suitable for all ages.

Duration - 55 minutes
Intensity - low
Workout type - strength and cardio


The original HIIT workout that focuses on changing the resting metabolism to keep burning fat even after your workout has finished. Work big muscle groups with simple un-choreographed, high intensity intervals and get quick results.

Duration - 30 minutes
Intensity - high
Workout type - strength and cardio


Based on HIIT principles, this is a power station class wtih functional exercises to work muscle and boost metabolism.

Duration - 30 minutes
Intensity - high
Workout type - strength and cardio


Great for core strength, abdominal, lower back and general toning and lengthening of muscles.

Duration - 60 minutes
Intensity - medium
Workout type - strength and relaxation


An indoor cycling workout set to the rhythm of powerful music. Your instructor will lead you through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials and interval training.

Duration - 45 minutes
Intensity - high
Workout type - strength and cardio


Freestyle spin classes embracing the cycling routine of athletes to cater to all levels of fitness. You choose how hard you ride, a no impact workout which will take you through hill climbs, stamina, speed drills and power bursts of sprint training.

Duration - 30 or 45 minutes
Intensity - high
Workout type - strength and cardio 


Take the “work” out of workout while you enjoy this calorie burning dance fitness party. Dance along with your inspiring instructor to the Latin and world rhythms for a total body workout.

Duration - 60 minutes
Intensity - medium
Workout type - strength and cardio


Yoga classes:

Sunrise Yoga (with Melanie)

Mondays, 5.45am - Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow suitable for those with some yoga experience but all levels welcome. Melanie can tailor her classes from strong and active to quiet and meditative.

Yoga Foundations ( with Melanie)

Mondays, 11.30am - Ashtanga Yoga suitable for anyone wishing to learn, refine or improve their classical yoga asanas (postures).

Sunrise Yoga (with Leianne)

Wednesdays, 5.45am - Hatha yoga. Slow mindful movements that have great benefit for the nervous system. Suitable for all levels as you work with what you have. Great start to the day.

Hatha Yoga (with Leianne)

Wednesdays, 6pm - Hatha yoga. Suitable for all. Slow mindful movements creating space in the body for energy flow and preparing the body and mind for meditation and release.

Yoga Trilogy (various instructors)

Fridays, 6pm - Each Friday one of our yoga instructors will take this class and this will vary week by week so you can expect something different each time. What is coming up will be advised and can be viewed when bookings open online.

Yoga (with Dean)

Breath, posture and movement. Dynamic flows, static holds and deep stretches building strength and flexibility. 

Zen Yoga (with Heidi)

Gentle slow moving. Easy paced class for those who have done little to no yoga. Strength ,flexibility and balance.


* - Yoga and Zen Yoga classes are not suitable for pregnancy

The Outrace rig is a multi training structure able to offer endless exercises through the most avant-garde functional and suspension training applications.

Our Outrace rig is the only outdoor rig in WA. We offer multiple classes that are exclusive to Elite and Lifestyle Memberships.  


A 30 minute, low intensity workout focused on toning and strengthening your abs, butt and thighs.


A 45 minute boxing technique, cardio and strength workout using your own body weight, boxing bags and partnered pad and floor work.

Circuit BlastOR

A combination of strength, cardio and core training on the outdoor rig moving to different exercise stations (45 minutes).

OR Strength

Build up strength and fitness using the outdoor rig with a combination of cardio and strength exercises for a 30 minute workout.


45 minutes of cardio, agility and body weight exercises designed to get the heart pumping.

Aerial Yoga 

Aerial Yoga combines yoga and acrobatics. It offers the therapeutic benefits of stretching with gravity, while also being heaps of fun. 

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