Discover the power of group fitness

For individuals seeking that extra push to stay motivated, maintain a consistent routine, and benefit from added accountability, group fitness is the perfect solution.

At the MARC, our group fitness sessions are conducted by certified instructors who bring expertise and guidance to every class.

You can anticipate not only motivation but also valuable form corrections, making your workouts even more effective compared to solo gym sessions.

Embark on a journey to improved mental and physical well-being, heightened confidence, and enhanced motivation by joining one of our group fitness classes at the MARC today.

Experience the transformation from the inside out, and let the power of group fitness drive you toward your goals!

Group fitness

Let the power of the group move you! 

We have over 80 group fitness classes per week with a range of sessions to suit all ages and abilities. 

Group fitness timetables may be affected by Public Holidays, please check which classes are available on Public Holidays by checking our Opening Hours or calling us on (08) 9550 3600  

Are you a Fit for Swim Plus member? Take advantage of these low impact indoor fitness classes


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(75 minute class) 

This class focuses on breath, posture and movement. Dynamic flows, static holds and deep stretches building strength and flexibility. 

Hatha Yoga
(75 minute class) 

Movement and breathing training designed to calm the nervous system so poses can be achieved safely. Creating space within the body so energy can flow. All poses can be modified to fit the individual and made more challenging as you progress. 

Zen Yoga 
(75 minute class) 

Gentle slow moving class for those who have done little to no yoga in the past. This class builds strength, flexibility and balance. 

Sunrise Yoga
(75 minute class) 

A gentle slow flow concentrated on breath, posture and movement. 

Restorative Yoga 
(75 minute class) 

This class involves gentle floor based sequences using bolsters, blankets and props to support the practitioner to fully relax the muscles, slow down the mental activity of the brain, shift emotional patterns, bring ease to the breath and tune into the nervous systems healing capacity. 

Zen Chair Yoga 
(60 minutes) 

With focus on postural alignment and breath awareness this slow moving practice is suitable for both regular and beginner yogis. It has low impact on joints and is accessible for people with injuries or physical limitations. 

Les Mills Body Balance 
(60 minute class) 

A new generation yoga class that includes elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. Improve joint mobility, muscle flexibility and increase strength, connecting mind and body through movement and breathwork.

Tone it Up 
(30 minute class) 

Express resistance training aiming to strengthen and tone up your upper and lower body using heavier free weights and shorter rest periods. 

Strength and Conditioning 
(30 minute class) 

Resistance based training focusing on technique using moderate to heavy weights with longer rest periods to achieve your strength goals. 

(30 minute class) 

Specific workout focused on toning and strengthening your abs, butt and thighs. 

(30 minute class) 

Core muscle training to improve posture and promote back health.

Booty Workout 
(30 & 45 minute classes) 

Incorporating pilates moves with power bands to target glute muscles from standing position, knees, hands, back or side. This class helps to stabilise the pelvis and maintain proper hip movements.  

Les Mills Body Pump 
(30, 45 & 60 minute classes) 

Original barbell class that uses the 'rep effect' formula of lighter weights and high repetitions to develop lean athletic muscle, aid metabolism and improve body composition. 

(60 minute class) 

A moderate pace cardio and weights exercise class set to music improving cardiovascular health, strengthening joints and muscles. This class is great for beginners and seniors. 

(60 minute class) 

A moderate pace fun cardio class improving cardiovascular health, followed by strength exercises using chairs, weights, bands and other equipment to strengthen joints, muscles and improve balance.

Senior Circuit 
(45 minute class) 

A low to moderate intensity set of functional exercises designed for older adults but also suitable for beginners. 

Tai Chi Flow 
(60 minute class) 

Mindful movement that helps to increase stamina and energy levels, improve mobility, mental concentration, balance and memory skills. 

(45 minute class) 

A low impact, medium to high intensity water aerobics class where no swimming skills are needed. This class is designed to improve flexibility, range of motion, strength, muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance whilst using the resistance of water to cushion the feet, knees and back. 

Aqua Max 
(45 minute class) 

Deep water aerobics class to improve cardiovascular health, strengthen your core and tone your muscles, This class uses a buoyancy belt. 

Aqua Zumba
(45 minute class) 

AQUA ZUMBA is an effective water-based workout that blend high-energy Zumba moves with low-impact aqua fitness.

Les Mills Body Step
(30,45 & 60 minute classes) 

The traditional step class pre-choreographed to create a high energy cardio blast 

Les Mills Body Attack 
(30 & 60 minute classes)

High energy full body workout that burns calories whilst toning and shaping. Sports inspired moves will help to build stamina and improve your coordination and agility. 

Meta Fit/ Meta Power 
(30 minute classes) 

Metabolic resistance workout, combining bodyweight and weighted compound exercises with little rest to maximise calorie burn and increase metabolism during and after training 

(30 and 45 minute classes) 

Freestyle low to no impact cycling class for all levels of fitness. You choose how hard you want to ride. 

(60 minute class) 

Interval style dance fitness party that combines low intensity and high intensity moves. You will burn lots of calories as you move to the rhythms of the world.

HIIT Circuit 
(30 minute class) 

High Intensity Interval Training to challenge your endurance and strength in a circuit style class with short rest periods.  

(30 & 45 minute classes) 

A combination of strength, cardio and core training rotating through different exercise stations. Modifications provided for any fitness level. 

Swot Box 
(45 minute class) 

A combination of boxing, strength, cardio and bodyweight exercises designed to get the heart pumping. 


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